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The Baluns international Inc. is a Canadian wholesale supplier of highest quality and the most modern design laminate flooring serving Toronto, GTA and southern Ontario region.

The company supplies Waterproof Laminate that designed to replicate the natural color, grain and texture of real hardwood.

Laminateis remarkably realistic and exceptionally durable-resistant to staining scratches, wear and fading. Whether you want high gloss, distressed, or hands craped textures, you’re sure to find all the latest trends at Baluns International Inc.

We offer great quality and selection.

Verification to:

  • Standart EN14041-2004
  • AC Rating AC1-2006, ISO 9001-2008
  • Wear resistance class 33
  • Sizes 1200x600mm, 800x400mm, 1200x400mm, 1220x167mm.
  • Panels thickness 12mm.

Related to:

  • Regulation R305/20011
  • Density per 1sq.cm.=980-1000 kg.
  • Date of issue April 2014
  • Expiry date April 2019
  • Compatibility with a floor heating system (up to +25-28OC)
  • Guarantee 25 year industrial building flooring
  • Ente Certificazone Macchine Via Mincio, 386-41056 Savingnamo Italy

The supplied by the Canadian company Waterproof Laminate meets requirements of the level of class 33 /АС 1/12 mm/HDF E1. This means that operation of this floor covering is possible in commercial premises with an intensive loading. Operation life of the floor in domestic conditions makes 25 years. The Waterproof Laminate undoubted advantage is the fact that its appearance will be preserved as long as it is possible for laminated materials.

One of BALUNS INTERNATIONAL INC. the company’s priorities is the environmental friendliness; it is produced from high quality raw materials; that is why it makes no harm to a human body. GOST-R Certificate of Conformity No.0602248 on 05.07.2011”


The laminate BALUNS Laminate floring is an artistically designed structural laminate, best choice for those, who are in a search of really beautiful finishing materials.

Main features of the Waterproof Laminate

In a case of the Waterproof Laminate use on your floor, its exclusive carpet-like design will look like as an artfully inlaid parquet wooden blocks. However it possesses its special features and advantages in comparison with natural wood:


The hi-tech covering Waterproof Laminate guarantees:

Easy care taking


Water proofness


Resistance to stretching


Increased noise insulation (steps sounds on this material are by 80-90% lower as compared to an ordinary laminate)


Stability against abrasive wearing


Resistance to scratches and stains forming


Withstandability to cigarette burns and inflammation


Resistance to pricks from shoes heels and furniture


Resistance to discolorment under sun rays


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